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John Plummer 

Financial Breakthrough Testimony.
I had a heavy financial burden hanging over me. In one of the evening meetings last year, Pastor Chris had a 'word of knowledge' and said that this was a significant word for you here. You would look back later and recall this word. It can be life changing for you! He said there was financial blessing coming to meet your need. Reach out to Him and receive it.

In response I committed my heavy burden to the Lord that night - and (what I had not done for many years) I spoke to my money-wallet. I spoke 'life' and 'abundance' to it, with the same deep-faith like  I use when I pray for the sick to recover!  Also I began to give regularly into the Church Offering envelopes each week even though it did not seem to be sensible!

The year since then has been amazing financially for me. No burden since that meeting - finance came in - yet more bills - yet there was enough to meet all the expenses - yet mathematically it did not add up right!!  It was like it multiplied in my account and covered everything. I continued through the year to speak life and abundance to my finances, continued to give, and the flow of provision continued - not greater in amounts but always enough to cover everything.

All my financial burden was completely paid off one month early in February 2016!!    Thank you Lord.

(I think Malachi 3v10-11 has been activated over me giving against the odds.  I believe that through giving I have rebuked the devourer. )

He will meet ALL your financial needs too.  Just ask Him, continue to give, and stay in faith for the provision.

Your Brother in Christ
John Plummer

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