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Michelle Loubser

More importantly, I went up for healing a few weeks ago when Pastor Chris did the healing service.  He asked for people with heart conditions to go up so I went.  I was diagnosed with an overactive heart valve in my early twenties.  I get awful heart palpitations.  When I went to the doctor for an ECG test in my early twenties, I was getting them whether I was exercising, bending down to put on my shoes or just lying down.  It was suggested that if it starts impacting my life I would need to take medication.  Didn’t want to do that so just lived with it.  It generally seems to get worse the more active I am (which hasn’t really been a problem recently!!).

So when I was training for the hills cycling up to Newlands corner, needless to say I had to stop not because I couldn’t physically carry on but because the palpitations where making it difficult.  So I had to stop, control breathing and get my heart to start beating normally again.

My family where speaking ‘doom and gloom’ over me thinking something was going to happen to me during the race.
So when Pastor Chris called people with heart issues I just went for it.

I managed to cycle up all the hills without getting any palpitations – and they were steep.  The last hill before Brighton, Ditchling Beacon or The Bull as they call it, I wasn’t able to do but that was more about not having the strength in my legs.  Walking up the hill, pushing a bike, was bad enough.

My friend who did the ride with me also suffers with palpitations for another reason and she couldn’t cycle up any of the steep hills and even when walking she had to keep stopping because of the palpitations.  So telling her about my experience was just an amazing opportunity to testify to her. “Keep trusting and believing for God is faithful."

Michelle Loubser

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