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Chantelle Ebiye F-S Tindall 

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My name is Chantelle Ebiye F-S Tindall. I have attended Cornerstone the Church, the few times I have visited my Nephew Adetayo Martins and his family. I live in Manchester.

The reason, I am making this report is because I have encountered God's goodness twice after two different Sunday service at Cornerstone the Church Walton-on-Thames It had been a difficult time regularising my immigration status after my husband and I got married in 2013. One document after another were deemed not compelling enough, therefore I had to report at their office twice a month which was very stressful. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the date, but one Sunday I visited, the topic preached by the Pastor Chris told us to "be expectant" The Bible passage was from 1st Kings 18:42-44. He talked about showers of blessings; I went back fulfilled and full of great expectations.

I got back to Manchester the next week, a few days later, had an appointment with the Home office. My thought immediately went to the sermon of the week before and I visualised that fist of cloud and the eventual downpour of rain signifying God's blessings. A few minutes later, after my consultation, the officer, now said, we have decided to change your consultation times to once every three months pending the result of their decision. It was an unexpected relief even though not the result my husband and I expected. I still gave God the glory for that turn around  as it saved us a bit.

A few months on after some visits, a decision was made and it wasn't favourable. The letters sent comes with all sorts of threats, from detention, deportation etc. At that point, we had had enough of the game the home office was playing as every document they further demanded was said to be not compelling enough. Not for once did I lose faith in God and His ability to turn things around.

On the 10th February 2016, I was booked on a flight back to Nigeria. We had decided that I should make the application to come back and join my husband from my home country. My caseworker also advised me it was the best decision. Thursday the 4th was my last consultation day with the case worker and he still said the last document he said to present didn't convince him enough. I called my legal representative, then left it at that. Friday the 5th we arrived at my nephew's a very sad and stressful journey, as we didn't know how long my application would keep us apart for. Another Solicitor we spoke to told us maximum eight months, if the officer in Nigeria wants to be difficult. That broke our hearts as we want children and we are not getting any younger.

Sunday 7th February, my husband, my nephew's mother in-law and I attended the church service and the topic was on "Mercy". Pastor Chris made a point how we pray for everything and sometimes forget to pray for God's mercy. I am guilty of that and after that service up till now, I pray God for his Mercies. I remember before the sermon ended, Pastor Chris prayed and said to the church, no matter the situation, God always answers. Not his direct words, however, I keyed into it with the Faith I won't stay long before I rejoin my husband.

The day I was to leave arrived, very stressful for us all. I had given up any hope for any change in decision here in the U.K. My flight was for 9.30 pm. we had taken all the luggage’s down, waiting for my Nephew to take us to the airport at 6pm. My phone rang at 5.50pm, I refused to pick it up as I didn't want anyone saying goodbye, my husband insisted I pick it up, it was the Solicitor. I wondered what he was after. He asked where I was, I told him, he said well "Chantelle you are not going anywhere" his exact words. I said meaning? he got a call, and was told to tell me to cancel my flight at the last minute. They decided to grant the Visa. My knees gave way! The tears the scream, the joy the disbelief up till this day. Then I heard the Lord say to me "I wanted to prove to you that I am GOD!!" Even the lawyer was shaken; he said he hasn't seen anything like it. They could stop the applicant travelling, but say to them we are still investigating. They could still say no in the end and pay a new ticket or say yes after investigating. But never stop the flight and grant it same time.

I just want to thank God for his mercies. This is one of God's miracles I cannot stop being thankful for. Coming from Manchester to Walton-on-Thames on 20-03-16 to praise and thank God for this blessing is only a small price to pay. Coming to Cornerstone the Church has never left me unfulfilled.
Thanks and God Bless.
Chantelle Ebiye F-S Tindall.

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