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Rammie Vive 

I gave my life to Christ on Saturday June 16th 2012; it was the day of my wife’s water baptism and her Father’s own birthday. She had prayed in faith for ten years for this day to arrive – I think it’s fair to say that she was overwhelmed by the Lord’s promise to deliver at the most perfect time in her faith journey. I put my hand up following Pastor Chris’s salvation prayer and my life soon started to move in a different direction.
Before I was saved, I used to constantly challenge and bait my wife for many years about her faith. I used to laugh at her with my friends. Despite my wickedness (or my sense humour as I preferred to call it!), she continued to pray with patience for my salvation. Following Church on a Sunday, she would always return home full of joy and always praising The Lord! I could never understand it; I would continually strive to kill her joy, especially if lunch wasn’t on the table! At the time, I was running my own property maintenance business and I felt like I was really carrying a huge burden on my shoulders. I was deeply unhappy with my work life balance – I spent every awaking minute consumed by this business. I didn’t do my family any favours in terms of devoting my time and finances to them. As time progressed and my attendance at Cornerstone the Church began to become more regular, I used to hear the Lord’s Word being preached by Pastor Chris and it made me question all sections of my life but especially my long term involvement in the business. I probably kept the business going longer than I needed to due to my sense of loyalty to my employees.
In November 2013, we went through a difficult period as a family, we suffered a burglary and exactly a week later I decided that enough was enough and decided to close the business with immediate effect – this was always on the cards but the tipping point had finally arrived. Even though this could be perceived as a dark period in our lives the full revelation / light was to come to pass three months later.
On Friday 21st  of February 2014 at 5-30am my wife started to suffer from multiple electrical heart failures whilst in bed and flat lined numerous times over a period of 3 hours. Here is the light in our moment of darkness, if I had been involved in my business at that time my wife would not be with us today. I would normally have been working on my computer in the kitchen at that time in the morning. Anyway with the aid of my young son Luca, we called the paramedics who then proceeded to battle to keep her alive in our house in Esher and during the trip to St. George’s Hospital in Tooting. On arrival at the hospital after numerous revival attempts the doctors were about to declare her time of death, as her heart had stopped beating for over 7.5 minutes. I subsequently learned from my cousin who is a doctor that they generally do not call people back due to the fact that after 4.5 minutes of no oxygen going to the brain, severe brain damage is normally an inevitable consequence of such trauma.
As we were believers in Jesus Christ, I turned to prayer in my moment of weakness. It is said, that when you are at your weakest, you are at your strongest in faith. I believed that my personal Saviour wouldn’t let me down in my moment of need – There is always light, even in the darkest of times. I read Psalm 91 every day until the day my wife returned home. After spending two weeks in ICU, and after undergoing many tests my wife was finally sent home fully restored with a pacemaker fitted – If you didn’t know her previously, you wouldn’t believe what she had gone through.
On her return home, we asked her whether she had experienced anything unusual during her time away from us, and she then proceeded to enlighten us about her supernatural out of body experience. The key points were that she felt her spirit leave her body and begin to float up towards a ceiling. When she reached the ceiling she looked down and saw her lifeless body being worked on by the medical team. At the time she felt an awesome peace and strength around her, she could feel these huge arms protecting her and but could not see the face of her saviour but she knew in her heart it was Jesus – Remember God only speaks to your heart. She says she felt inexpressible joy and happiness during this passage of time. She heard beautiful music and could see such visions of beauty behind the vast closed golden gates, which were the Gates of Heaven. She was very keen to enter but the gates wouldn’t open. She then heard the words “Shanthi come back”, she then started to feel her spirit start to float back down and re-enter her body – Bloop! And she was back in her human body.
As a family we have experienced many miracles in our lives (including surviving the Asian Tsunami in 2004), I would recommend that you take the time to listen to my wife’s entire testimony which is on You Tube, please google “Shanti Vive Testimony” and if it doesn’t renew your faith and hope, well I’ll be truly amazed.

Love and Blessings
Rammie Vive

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