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Lynne  Whitehill

"A few Sundays ago it was Communion Sunday and Pastor Chris taught on the authority and the power given to us from the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.
As we took communion Pastor Chris encouraged us to proclaim and declare our bodies were healed (or whatever each of us had need or lack in our lives) and so I proclaimed healing in my body.
Having a few niggles I listed off to The Lord where I wanted to see freedom and left it at that.
On Monday morning I woke to the first morning in over 12 months pain free in my lower back.  I was kind of shocked as that wasn't one of my needs mentioned on Sunday but then again God knows all and He saw fit to heal me of this painful back.
It wasn't quite as easy as that as I had a regression on the following Thursday to the extent that it was worse than ever.  I was devastated as I thought, what are you doing Lord.  And what am I not learning or what are you trying to teach me?
So, in utter desperation, because of the disappointment I felt, I started declaring and proclaiming again.  Telling the devil to get out of my life and back to the pit. And speaking out who I am in Christ and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Of course I was pain free again, immediately.  Hallelujah.
Perseverance, faithfulness and trust were needed.  I believe God allowed satan to plant doubt in my mind "did God really heal me" and so needed to get my focus back and in doing so was able to proclaim what God had done.
The battle isn't over as I have had some minor recurring pain but I know for certain God healed me and I also know for certain that satan will continue to try, for a short time, to introduce doubt and unbelief into my mind but I continue to proclaim and declare God's healing."
Love and blessings,

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