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Stella Goddard

Hold on to Hope – God is faithful

Within each of our hearts God has sown a seed for something much bigger than perhaps we can even think or imagine. This is part of His amazing plan and purpose for our lives. His plan will bless us and bless other people.

Inevitably life will bring many challenges.  Perhaps there are times when we may forget to nurture our seed. Seed need to be watered with His word.  What has He said to you? What has He whispered to your heart?  Hold on to this hope no matter how many obstacles you may face. Take the steps that you can, one at a time.  Keep your gaze on Him.  He will give you His peace even in the midst of difficulties. He will open doors that you didn’t even know were there. Fill your heart with His word.  It is life, it is nourishment, it is the truth.

When we are full of hope we are able to dream dreams, to have visions, to make plans, to build good relationships, to believe that our lives our worth living because we have something to offer. If we lose hope we can feel very alone, disempowered, fearful, anxious.

When life brings changes we hadn't planned for such as chronic ill-health, death, the breakdown of a relationship or the loss of a job it can be very hard to imagine that life will ever be 'okay' again and that we will feel safe and content.  We may look around us at the rubble of our former life and wonder how on earth we are going to build something new.

We may look back longingly to a time when things were good and we were happy and feel intense pain as we wish we could go back to that time.  We all know we can't go back.  We can either stay stuck or move forward.  When the dust has settled and we take another look at the rubble it can be good to think about what we might actually take into our new life and what would be good to leave behind. I would suggest that we definitely need to take hope with us. God can be trusted and is faithful. ‘Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.’ (Philippians 1:6)

Stella Goddard
August 2016

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