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Mercy and Emmanuel

On the 13th of October, we took the children to school as usual. Prior to this, the Lord had told me to anoint the children every day and because of rushing every day with school run I would find myself anointing them in the car on our way to school and we normally pray on our way as well.  On this day the Holy Spirit reminded me to anoint the kids and this time I did before we left the house and we prayed in the car. 

In the afternoon I went to pick them up I pick Hannah first then Emmanuel. When I got to Hannah's school the teacher said she was with the nurse and that she had just fallen whilst playing in the playground from a height of six foot, when I got to where she was the nurse was on the telephone speaking to NHS Direct and they advised that she should be taken to hospital to be checked, I asked if she had hit her head and the teacher explained that she had fallen on her back but had not hit her head. I asked her if she was in pain she said she was her lower back was painful. I explained to the nurse that I had to pick my son from school then make our way to hospital. The school nurse advised me to take her to a walk-in centre which I did. At the walk-in-centre the nurse came quickly to us and said because they did not have the equipment to do the x-Ray and because of her age we should go to St Peters hospital so we made our way to St Peters Hospital, we were seen with urgency because of the height she had fallen from and her age, Hannah is only 4 years old. They did all the examinations, X-Ray, ultrasound of her stomach and back, etc. In all this she was playing sitting and praying. We were discharged the same day as the head of doctors was happy with the tests they had conducted . Everything was well with Hannah, except a bit of pain in her Lower back which they said she could take Neurofen for. I went back with her to school the following week and I saw the height of this climbing pole I can only give thanks to our God, who was and is always watching over us. He caught Hannah that day and he has promised in his word that he shall give his angels charge over us to keep us in all our ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands lest you dash your foot against a stone. I wanted to share this testimony with you Pastor Loraine and to thank you for your continued prayers as you are our covering. 

Emmanuel and I thank you  so much for standing in the gap for us day in and day out. 
Love Mercy and Emmanuel 

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