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Dear Pastor Loraine,


25/05/17 : This evening I was doing my normal neighbourhood prayer walk with my little Lottie, as I was approaching the  tunnel to the little green close to our house I saw Staffordshire bull terrier running towards me. I just carried my little Lottie and turned my back to the dog. The dog jumped on my back and as a result I fell down on gravel. I could feel the dog biting me on my thighs, arms and the dog was all over me. The owner pulled the dog off me, I thought that my flesh will be hanging on my body and I will be soaked with blood, but I was not.

The GP asked me to to go to A & E. The A&E doctor could not believe that I was attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier and standing front of him whole. He said "I can't believe my eyes this is a miracle". I said "that's my God who saved me, and the doctor said "yes it is your God who saved you, so many people have died or being crippled by dog attacks".

On 28th Sunday early hours  I was woken up by the nightmare of the attack, but declared who I am in Christ and went back to sleep.

I dreamed the dream again and this time it was peaceful and I saw when the dog was attacking me there was a great shield covering me from all sides, the dog was attacking the shield. I give all glory to my Lord and my Saviour for protecting me and my Lottie. No weapon formed against us shall not prosper.


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