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I also would like to share my testimony with you for the glory of God.
I went to the Philippines for a week, not for a holiday but to see my ailing father. In the last four years he has gradually deteriorated, the only apparent diagnosis was dad being type 2 diabetic (tablet controlled) and all the rest of his bloods were normal. His mobility deteriorated, he was unable to get out of bed without a mighty push from the back (so mom's shoulders suffered). He became all care and had to be fed for he could only lift up his arms to a point and unable to direct his hand to his mouth. He could only use his thumb and pointy fingers in both hands and they were deformed. Toilet accidents happen, as he could not reach to the bathroom in time. The worst that I did not know about was that he had no control of his mouth so he was drooling all the time and his eyes were always shut, he could not have them open, only by chance maybe put altogether would be about 5-20 minutes in 24 hours. I have a brother and a sister back home who have accompanied them to specialists, tried all types of both the natural and alternative medicine but has not helped. My sister who also worked as a nurse in America (a conservative Baptist church member) went home in June to try every therapy she believed that our dad would benefit from, and after a few days she gave up with no response from my dad.
I have experienced a few healing since December last year, and have seen a few in the church, and I desired that he would be healed too. I had it kept in my heart. The only doubt that I faced was when I thought about the ageing process; but John 10:10 came to a thought and I got really excited - the thought that when one lives - one is entitled to this blessing, it doesn't matter how old you are, my dad is 75 years old. As far as I know, my dad was not a real believer yet, despite of me sharing the word.
My family were aware my intention to sit down with my dad and talk about the gospel. I arrived on a Monday and was praying for a perfect timing, every time I spoke to dad I always said to him I am always praying for you and he would say thank you - speaking unclear sometimes inaudibly.
I planned to sit down and talk to him on my day 3, on a Wednesday night but I just got moved on what I saw on a Wednesday early morning; there I started praying and declaring the word, and I was in a battle too... After two hours, he was able to lift his legs, bend them up, take steps... within less than 48 hours; he was walking with frame - slowly but what a great improvement! He was able to lift his hands, got back his mouth control, no more drooling, able to talk clearly and imagine the house was full of tears and screaming, my sister who is or maybe now - was not a believer for healing was amazed and thanked the Lord! He had all the control to his hands; he fed himself and washed himself. On day three his eyes were still closed so I was declaring God's blessing and God's will over it, the next day they were fully opened.
My dad now is able to go out, He said the first time he went out (I was already back here in the UK) he was sobbing and was just thanking the Lord for what he did.
Everyday there are still things that are happening (now he is able to walk around the house without a frame), as I believe he is healed but the progression towards being whole is ongoing. What a great miracle, we are greatly praising God.
My mother who could not read the bible as she suffered from degenerative eye condition got back her sight in the last few days.

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