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Rammie Vive

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I thought it would be a good idea to write an account of how the Lord bought Pastor Jerome Fernando and KRC across my path and then onto Cornerstone the Church.

In 2011, my cousin Rueben bought me a pendant CROSS from Israel. He sent me a letter with the cross enclosed in it. At the time I received it, I was not a Christian but he obviously went in faith and presented me with this precious gift, which I duly put onto a chain and around my neck. He was obviously delighted when I subsequently gave my life to Christ in June 2012, during  Shanthi’s (my wife’s) water baptismal service at Cornerstone. This is another wonderful testimony for patience - My wife spent 10 years travailing in prayer for my salvation. 

About three years ago (2015), my cousin (and now brother in Christ) Rueben from California visited Sri Lanka for the 1st time with his wife Mary and her family. He experienced the ministry at Kings Revival Church and the teachings of Pastor Jerome (PJ). On his return from Sri Lanka, he rang me and asked whether I knew this former cricketer who had become a Pastor – I promptly replied no, stating that just because he is a former cricketer it does not mean that I know him – please bear in mind baseball and basketball are Rueben’s favourite sports in the USA! Anyway, he asked me to check him out on You Tube because he was doing some great ministry work in Sri Lanka.

Prior to my holiday to Sri Lanka in August 2016, I was prompted to find out a little more about Kings Revival Church. I was also prompted to invite 3 other CTC family members as well - I felt in my spirit that this trip was going to become a mission and I actually created a group on Whats’ App called Sri Lanka Mission with all the travelling party included (6 of us).
On Saturday 20th August 2016, we were celebrating Shanthi’s 50th Birthday (3rd time!) with her parents and about 100 guests at the Mirage Hotel in Colombo. Shanthi’s father asked me to take the microphone and say a few words in the communal dining area to all our invited guests as well as the other hotel diners who were having dinner at the same time. I was handed the mic by the Saturday night hotel band and I then began to share for a few minutes my experience of Shanthi’s amazing testimony. To cut this story short, I gave all the glory and honour for her very presence today to Jesus in front of many guests who didn’t share the same faith (Buddhist, Muslims, Hindus etc)  – I declared that Jesus Christ is Lord and thankfully at least one of my Nigerian friends shouted out “Hallelujah!”. Anyway when I finished speaking, there was a hotel guest called Lucky at the back of this dining hall who heard my bold declaration – he came up-to me and excused himself and said that the Lord prompted him to come and speak to me. We shared a 10 minute conversation and then he told me to go and visit Pastor Jerome’s church service at Havelock City at 7am the next morning. This was going to be a difficult assignment as our group only went to bed at 3am but I told them that we were ALL going to Church early on Sunday morning………….I don’t think my Nigerian, Slovakian friends were very happy about my insistence J. Anyway, in the morning, my friend Jude (a Peterite who actually played an integral part in me meeting  Shanthi in 2002), drove all of us to the KRC Church. The church was jammed packed with about 700 people and when the service started I wasn’t too excited but when Pastor Jerome started to minister and worship, I was blown away by the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the room………..I was in floods of tears. At that moment, I changed my plans for the following Sunday, stating that we would be coming here again next Sunday as well! After the service, we were taken upstairs by Brian Desilva and the KRC Welcome Team and we shared testimony for about an hour before breaking up for lunch at The Kingsbury Hotel with my friend Riad and Nilu and their two girls who as it transpires live in the same complex as Pastor Jerome – Another God moment!
On my return to the UK at the end of August, I sent an email to Brian Desilva stating that we really enjoyed our experience at KRC and thanked them for their hospitality. The biggest compliment I could pay Pastor Jerome and KRC was that it was like a “home from home” for ALL of us who attended - the teachings were similar to ours at Cornerstone The Church. I also stated that if Pastor Jerome ever had plans to come to London I would be more than willing to help out in anyway the Lord would allow me to serve. Brian wrote back and copied in Pastor Jerome and his PA Madhu. I believe, she wrote to me very soon after my initial email and stated that the TEAM were coming to Trinity Church, Harrow in late October 2017. We were asked if we could help with accommodation and transportation which I was more than willing to do with the help of my church family in Surrey. However, it transpired that our help wasn’t required as I believe the team were housed nearer to the church where the 3 night conference was taking place. My family and I went on all three days and we took different people from our church on all three occasions. After the second night of the conference Seelan (Elder) telephoned me and asked me to come and meet Pastor Jerome after the service, as I had five other people with me, I politely requested if they could join us too, which he duly agreed. During our passionate and Christ filled conversation, I told Pastor Jerome in faith that he needed to come to Cornerstone The Church on his next visit, PJ looked over to Seelan and said let’s make a plan to go to Cornerstone – wow I hadn’t even consulted my Senior Pastors Chris and Loraine, I was probably a bit ahead of myself……However, I just felt in my spirit that a more global audience needed to experience Pastor Jerome and I just knew I had to connect him with Pastor Chris.
Anyway, about one month later on Tuesday 22nd of November 2016, I had just finished the installation of the Church External Lighting Project and also managed to fit in a busy work schedule; and also managed to help two other members of our church on the same day – Purely Gods’ Strength. Anyway at 5-30pm, I was watching Luca train at Cobham Football Club and I received an email detailing a letter of claim against myself from a former business partner and relative who I have not associated with for over 3 years. This troubled my spirit for a few hours until I started to talk to the body of Christ within Cornerstone. The next morning (23rd) I received the running order for our Sunday Service and I was down to do the offering for the 1st time ever. As you can imagine my flesh (carnal) was being challenged and my 1st reaction was I’m not in the right frame of mind to carry out this duty; however after a couple of hours I reminded myself of who I am in Christ….  I am an overcomer in Christ, who must rise above my circumstances and lay all my troubles at the foot of cross and do Gods’ work. Whilst I was preparing  my offering message on Saturday 26th November, Pastor Jerome messaged saying that he was planning on visiting the UK twice next year – my spirit quickened as I knew needed to approach my Pastors. So,  after delivering the offering message on Sunday evening, Pastor Loraine thanked me at the end of the service and then said that when the Lord dropped my name into her spirit to do the offering message, she said he’s not ready Lord – but the Lord said he’s ready and she was thankfully obedient and gave me the opportunity to share. It was at this opportunity I started to share about Pastor Jerome and his ministry and Pastor Loraine then said she would check out his ministry works and come back to me. In less than a day she responded that it would be wonderful to have Pastor Jerome come and share at Cornerstone – it would be a blessing to the congregation! By Wednesday 30th November everything was agreed to principle – Gods’ Speed was evident and the whole effortless way everything came together still amazes me today!
Anyway, Pastor Jerome, Pastor Pio and His Team from KRC visited Cornerstone on the last weekend of February 2017 and we experienced 3 amazing services - Pastor Jerome and the Team have subsequently blessed the ministry with three further visits over the ensuing  15 months - Miracles, Signs and Wonders have always followed the preaching of God’s word and great testimonies have been heard and have been received. Many lives have been impacted and changed and countless new souls have entered into the Kingdom. 
I’d like to say a heart-felt thank you to Pastor Chris and Loraine for having the faith to invite Pastor Jerome and KRC church to Cornerstone – You are much loved by many in Gods’ Kingdom.

I’d also like to thank Pastor Jerome and the Team for coming and blessing so many at Cornerstone – God has deposited many words in season during your visits. Your ministry is deep in our hearts and I thank you for your great faithfulness and inspiring commitment to Gods Kingdom.
There is an awesome God Connection between Cornerstone The Church and Kings Revival Church.
As for my legal case, God provided us with the wisdom and the finances to deal with the situation and gave us a more than favourable outcome; Just to add we knew in our spirits that it was all over in May 2017, when Pastor Jerome prayed over a livestream service and declared that all legal cases were over – My wife and I received it there and then. He confirmed it once again during a service at Trinity Church in June 2017.
So I suppose the key learning experience to take out of this life changing encounter is to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, take on and complete the God assignment(s) which has been entrusted to you – and then watch and see what the Lord will do for you………Also parallel events sometimes need to take place before your situation can be addressed. This whole experience really helped to take us deeper in our faith as a family.
Much Love,
Rammie Vive


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